What is Connect Global MGA

We are a specialized insurance and reinsurance service, unlike traditional agents/brokers, we are vested with underwriting authority from our client insurer or reinsurer. Accordingly, Connect Global MGAs performs certain functions ordinarily handled only by insurers or reinsurers, such as binding coverage, underwriting and pricing, appointing retail agents and brokers within a particular area, and settling claims.

The doings of Connect Global MGA

At Connect Global MGA we are involved with traditional lines as well as unusual lines of coverage, such as Professional and Products liability, Difference in Conditions such as Earthquake, Hurricanes or Tornado where we utilize the most sophisticated catastrophe modelling software for pricing and accumulations controls for our insurers and non-traditional bond market investor.  Our specialized expertise is required to underwrite policies whilst producing a steady and profitable portfolio. Connect Global MGA is geared to wirte personal lines business, such as homeowners, renters, auto and third-party legal liability. Amongst other traditional lines of commercial insurance, we geared to write special medical insurance program that respond to local market needs.

The Connect Global MGA Advantage

We benefit our client insurers because the expertise they possess is not always available within the insurer's home or regional offices and would be more expensive to develop on an in-house basis. We have a team of underwriters, actuaries and engineers that can respond to demands of the various portfolios we manage.

The Connect Global MGA Philosophy

We are a people business first. We believe that together, we will prosper. We employ technology to support our mission for our clients and partners. We come together now on our third generation of insurance people with one goal, to deliver excellence to our clients by listening to their needs and driving the value proposition that stands behind our name. We have operated in the most advanced parts of the insurance market. We have kept doors open in the most difficult and most uncertain of times that the 20th and 21st century has thrown our way. We have kept our promise, we paid claims. We protected our balance sheet, and we stayed with our clients where others packed up and left. Our network is comprised of multilingual talented professionals that are responsive to local cultures and needs. We are here to insure in your respective culture and language.

Why Connect Global MGA 

First order of priority is our client’s objectives. We may start by helping you formulate your needs or tailor a value proposition that suits your objectives. Our emerging markets team’s experience is honed to serve the growth of a portfolio that is beneficial to consumer whilst being profitable and drives shareholder’s value. Our global experience presents the local market we serve with access to most suitable and advanced solutions. We welcome you to join our network.

How Connect Global MGA operates

Our management hubs are purposefully designed and located to serve our regional partners. We come to you as partners in your jurisdiction under your name brand, logo and language. We strategically manage advertising in local media. We deploy our technology to drive expedient interface between consumer and company with cost comparison shopping, useful risk management awareness for the consumer. We issue policies at your jurisdiction. We address claims at your jurisdiction. We have a detailed claim settlement parameter to drive value, fairness and consumer confidence and expectations.

Our reinsurance partners have known us and our track record for over 60 years. They are composed of leading companies in the global reinsurance market. We manage the whole process as well as the placement of facultative reinsurance, the reinsurance of individual risks.

Our technology platform is completely transparent to our clients. You have viewing access to all the functions of the operations. Giving you the piece of mind that you have correctly entrusted us, your partners